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Northern Boston Tree Service was formed by the merging of some of the local industry’s highest skilled tree workers who brought decades of experience and knowledge. Our philosophy of honesty, great communication, hard work, and environmental sustainability form the founding principles of our company. Our mission is to utilize pruning techniques to improve treescapes in an effort to preserve mature trees throughout the Boston area for future generations of people and animals to enjoy.

who we are

When crafting a tree care plan for your yard, we consider the best way to preserve and improve the health, aesthetics, and safety of trees.


We like to keep the work that we do interactive with our clients by listening and asking questions, so that we prune your trees in such a way that achieves any aesthetics you may have for your yard.

arborists with a vision

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Trees growing throughout the Boston area provide our neighborhoods with beautiful scenery and are home to many kinds of animals and wildlife. They are a valuable part of our historic city’s landscape and our ecosystem as a whole. I believe we should do everything possible to protect and preserve them. Northern Boston Tree Service is committed to that goal.


We have a great team of highly skilled tree workers with many years of experience.